1. I hung out with new friends
    They're nice & I'm really grateful for that
  2. I spilled secrets and felt fine
    I suppose you could call it true vengeance
  3. I went shopping
    I ended up purchasing a white flannel with thin blue lines, a (very flattering) gray spaghetti strap halter tank, an unpadded light blue bralette (shout out to BC for making my boobs a whole Cup Size Bigger), and a badass body chain
  4. I ate mall food
    ✔️pinkberry ✔️Taco Bell ✔️ subway
  5. I thought about how small my world is currently
    The 3 people who have been torturing me for the last three months are just......3 people. And I live in a world of over 7 billion people so fuck the few that won't fuck with me
  6. I randomly texted my family "I love you guys"
    Clarification: the "I love you" was not random, just seemed randomly timed to my parents. At the time, i had just been told that one of my ex friends parents told her daughter (who I was best friends w/!) that she hated my parents/found them annoying -and then! My friend/the daughter apparently found this funny and told my other friend who replied with "how is that funny?". Agreed. All my parents had done was express genuine kindness and a friendly attitude. I was fuming for a solid 35 minutes!!
  7. I received several voicemails and texts from my parents asking if I was okay / saying they loved me too / "call me when you get this!"
    Glad you care!/Yikes!