I survived Y2K and have literally no recollection of it.
  1. A lot of the "only 90s kids will remember" things were remembered by me.
    Also cartoons. Basically anything that says "only 90/s kids will remember" is probably remembered by everyone born up until the year 2003? Friends ended in 2004 so I think that says a lot about "the nineties"
  2. Not being old enough to call yourself a 90s kid, while calling yourself a 2000 baby felt cheap and like a huge fat lie
    Saying either makes me feel like such a piece of shit.
  3. Growing up being hated by generations before us
  4. In kindergarten your Chinese zodiac could make or break you
    Everyone born in 1999 was a rabbit, everyone born in 2000 was a golden dragon. Really created a great divide between the class. Taught me how to be an underdog✔️
  5. My earliest memory is my mom coming to pick me up from day care on 9/11
    chilling to think about