Disclaimer: interestingly, I did this to myself
  1. Fucks up your sleep schedule
  2. Makes you feel like a 30 y/o teenager
  3. Will literally put you in therapy
  4. Makes you want to have dinner with your parents rather than live with them
  5. Creates a weird sense of non-belonging
  6. Demands you to plan when you're going to get stoned a month in advance
  7. Forces you to realize the St. Paul's School Scandal is hella real and rape culture doesn't start in colleges
  8. Helps you develop a craving for all night wifi
    It could be worse, I could crave heroin
  9. Generates a hatred of Saturday classes aka Satans donation to this earth
  10. Encourages you to hate authority
    Revolt! Revolt! Revolt!
  11. Has you feeling like badass for going to McDonalds without permission
  12. Will get you and all of your friends into big trouble for little things
    The piña colada mix was non-alcoholic pls it was practically juice 😶
  13. Makes you grow up real fast
    & its more painful than it has to be
  14. Has you dreaming 24/7 of all the things you'd like to be / all the people you want to meet / all the places you'd rather be
  15. Assures that you've have had approx. 3 mid-life crises' by the age of 16
  16. Makes you wonder if you should have stayed home
  17. Makes your brain SCREAM and promises yourself to never ever ever think those thoughts again esp out loud to your parents who are basically paying for college twice
  18. Starts you in debt young :)
  19. Squeezes your heart until it hurts because you came here to be surrounded by like-minded people
    And it didn't happen 🙂🙃😝🤗🤕
  20. gives simple questions deeper meanings - "where are you from?" is a true toughie!
  21. Causes you to believe that the outside world doesn't exists
  22. Produces airports sob sessions
    Happy tears. There are more people in this world and they are happy and they are kind and they are real. And you can finally buy that large frozen yogurt and no one that is watching will ever see you again 💜💗
  23. Breeds questions like "what did you do??"
    Everyone at home thought my parents hated me and was bent on the idea that they were sending me away😲!
  24. Turns your childhood bedroom into a time capsule
  25. Makes you romanticize "typical" high school experiences (i.e. anything)
    Watching Freaks and Geeks is better than watching porn
  26. Aids you in coming to the realization you will never ever for the love of god drive a car
    Car = rolling metal death trap
  27. Gives you a spankin good education!
    Thanks mom, dad, teachers, and fleeting mental stability