Here's what your girl is up to!
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    Slowly decaying
    Ugh it happens to the best of us :( 💔
  2. •
    Protecting my body under a blankey
    I feel really good about this
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    Eating toast with jelly and butter
    God Bless
  4. •
    Wondering when they're gonna give me the good pills
    In a ibuprofen kind of way, not a MDMA kind of way
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    Wondering what's happening to my body
    Is this.....death???
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    Wondering if I can avoid chemistry or if they'll kick me out by then
    But I body actually hurts this time, I genuinely have a headache, I've been having very real chills all day!! I promise!!!!
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    Seriously where are those pills
  8. •
    I'm gonna WebMD my symptoms now
    Time to stress myself out✌🏻😈 Catch you later!