This is what I do for fun😜😛😬 do you do anything this crazy??
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    Filling up w/ some Bubble Tea
    There's this place in WeHa (West Hartford) called tea break my friends and I love to hit up as often as possible. I ordered mango with cream & pearls((pearls = bubbles = tapioca balls)) for a while but have more recently turned to Thai tea with pearls and oh my lord it tastes like heaven. It's orange and honestly looks like a drink an alien princess would consume. If you're in the city go to coco bc their bubbles/pearls taste so fresh. The bubbles at Tea Time are chewier.
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    Going to therapy
    Miss ya Dr. V! Let's meet up again soon bc I've had like 37 meltdowns since the last time we hung out!
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    Regretting almost everything
    @life tanks for fuckin me up b
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    Calling our parents and crying
    Or avoiding their texts.
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    Defending the Karjenner family
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    Watching documentaries & Docu-series
    Favorites are The Sixties, Miss Representation, all of the MAKERS videos, High Profits, Making a Murderer, and Thank You And Sorry
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    This sounds silly, but hashtag culture is important. Hashtags allow us to visit perspectives and narratives that mighty not necessarily be represented in main stream media. Modern print(or unprinted ha!) culture blows my mind
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    Offering our gum to our closest friends
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    Getting passport photos
    Bye America, hello Italy
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    Struggling to stay awake
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    Trying drugs
    What a novel idea! POSITIVE this generation is the first generation of all generations to try drugs:) insanely quirky of us youngsters!!