I did this to myself
  1. I'm not a wizard
  2. I can't walk 15 feet without running into a couple hooking up
    So congrats to everyone but me that's apparently getting fucked 24/7!!
  3. "Secret" translates directly to "Public Service Announcement"
  4. I didn't full understand I was signing up for an authoritarian regime
    Every night I have check in from 7-7:45. by 7:45 my bed must be made, my floor must be clean, my trash must be taken out. Then starting at 7:45 I have to place my phone outside my room and dive into a good ol' two hour silent study hall. From 9:45-10:15 I have time to "socialize, do dorm work jobs (don't even get me started on those.), and shower". wifi turns off at 11 so say hello to a new data plan.
  5. Brands like Lily Pulitzer, Vineyard Vines, etc give me hives
    But I do see the value in j. Crew staples or classic all leather Sperrys(those shoes kinda turn me on)
  6. I live in the worst dorm
    My dorm, Longman, was originally a house, then a dance studio, and most recently has been constructed into a dorm in no joke five weeks:). It houses 8 sophomores and 2 juniors. The dorm is practically located off campus. Every other dorm sits right next to each other, belongs to a "quad", and houses 40-50 students. I'm a little bitter. Also, I think there's asbestos in the basement.
  7. Just imagine high school on steroids
  8. Just imagine college but with insane rules
  9. You get the picture
  10. (Ps a more positive list about boarding school is coming in a few weeks...after I've left this hell and my memory of it has softened)
  11. Also, the soap here smells weird