Random Pics in My Phone

  1. 'Peco' - My super 84 yr old grandfather who was born a fisherman. He started learning how to build houses (aka trade) at age 14. He then spent the next 70 yrs of his life tending to 5 acres of garden, building houses and woodworking...he's still at it. Last year he had a stroke and survived brain surgery, he's now fully recovered. My fucking hero.
  2. Little me - this is me at age 4 enjoying my favorite Christmas of all time in Canada with my family. This was the last Christmas my mom and dad were together...probably why it's one of my fondest memories of Christmas
  3. From Tobago to Grenada - my dad brother and I decided to spend some time bonding last year. We boarded an old 30 ft sailboat owned by the weirdest South African yachty and made the trip. I was sick almost the entire time but it was worth it. I love them almost as much as they really annoy me
  4. Del Morro Castle - this is a photo of my girlfriend walking down the stairs at the Del Morro Castle in Puerto Rico. One long ass layover she convinced me to go see the castle. It was hot, I had to carry a really heavy bag and my knees hurt but there was something magical about that day I'll always remember.