Just a few words for my Bff of all time.
  1. Range
    Vodka can be a martini or it can be a screwdriver. So you can pretty much be Carrie in the lower east side or some girl named Kelly at a tailgate...it's totally translatable to however you're feeling at the moment.
  2. Price
    Vodka will always go easy on your wallet, always.
  3. Gender Ambiguous
    It's not a chick's drink or a man's drink...but then it can still be either of those, just depends on how you have it.
  4. Calories or not
    A vodka and soda (which is how I have it) will run you about 40 calories - yes lord. So I have about 4 if I'm trying to be fit and feel no type of way at all.
  5. Not pretentious
    Vodka will never be a Pinot bla bla made from this or that grape aged for however long. Vodka will never be Green label or blue or none of that shit, it's just vodka lol.
  6. Practical people drink vodka
    I've done no research to back up this statement. I just have a feeling...
  7. Right back around
    So everyone basically starts off drinking vodka, which I did... And then I tried everything, and now I'm back here and it feels like home. ❣