1. Bake and shark - Maracas bay
    The very best deep fried fish sandwich, you will ever have complete with fresh veggies, pineapple, tamarind sauce and shadon beni (cilantro) dressing.
  2. Buss up shut - Sweetie Pie
    East Indian cuisine: The most delicious, tender, flaky, delicate layers of flour made on a hot steel plate with a wooden palette. Can be served with curried : pumpkin, bhodi, goat, beef, chicken or mango...or all!
  3. Doubles - Sauce Doubles Curepe
    Curried chick peas, pickled cucumbers and sweet mango sauce layered open faced onto two small, soft-fried, doughy, turmeric-infused disks.
  4. BBQ Shrimp Burger - El Socorro
    The most succulent, medium-sized shrimp that have been pre marinated in a special sauce then seared on a massive steel grill then placed atop home made sesame buns.
  5. Special fried rice, sautéed portobello mushrooms and Crispy skin pork - Me Asia
    Let me start by saying Trinidad has the best Chinese food in the Caribbean. Me Asia serves the very best Cantonese food in Trinidad. Every. Single. Thing. is delicious but the title dish is my favorite! I won't explain this one it speaks for itself.