What It's Like Being 26

Quarter life...or so
  1. Not 20 - Not 30
    Thing about being 26 is you're a little too old to fall into the 'I was just A teenager' category and too young to fall into the 'I'm accomplished' category. So I'm stuck in between in this weird place where I don't know if to order a screwdriver at the bar or a martini... You feel me?
  2. Bills are real
    I can no longer just decide not to pay for things and do without them. This year I took my first loan to finance my Truck...can't exactly just not pay for that each month. Also, there's no mom and dad to bail me out for that, or my rent or my phone bill...#eeek
  3. What do you do?
    When you're 26 people ask you 'what do you do?' Quite often. There's always a general anxiety with me as I'm never sure how to answer. Do I explain the 5 different things that I do career wise, do I make something up that's short and easy or do I just say "I hustle" - depending on the person asking the question, I appropriate the answer.
  4. Houses and Babies
    Everyone around me is getting married, getting a house, having a baby - or some type of mixture of these. I feel an odd pressure to accomplish these things but in no specific order. Butttt I'm gay so the baby part may be kind of tricky to work out especially living in the third world. Honestly I'm kinda not ready for any of the 3 seeing that a I'm still having Post Traumatic stress disorder from taking out my first loan...no shit
  5. Body feels
    All of sudden 1 month in the gym doesn't whip you back into shape anymore. My knees hurt a lot and I have random little hurts where there weren't any before. Someone that's twice my age is going to be so annoyed reading this -haha !
  6. Travel anxiety
    I feel like I need to go everywhere now before I become a thirty-something year old. Sometimes I'm like OMG I haven't been to so many places, what am I doinggg?! *looks up cheap flights*