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You'll either agree with me or you won't so do I really need to explain myself?
  1. Order of the Phoenix
  2. Deathly Hallows
  3. Chamber of Secrets
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  1. Nine eleven
  2. Nine eleve
  3. Nine elev
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  1. hangry!
  2. still hangry
  3. hangry and probably trying to eat the camera
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do with this what you will
  1. details on a canvas I painted w friends
  2. I suck at physics
    students understand the struggle of these photos clogging your camera roll
  3. graciously abiding
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random thoughts & word association
  1. Anyways
    is anyways a word? i need closure
  2. Ballet
  3. Canned tuna
    or China I can't decide
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my favorite movie of All Time (will be continued)
  1. You're a fat loser and you have body odor
  2. Let's rock let's rock today
  3. Let's get rockin
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a Shonda Rhimes™ special
  1. featuring excerpts
  2. from my
  3. family's
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not quality movies but I love them
  1. School of Rock
    honestly if you haven't seen this movie we can't be friends
  2. Saturday Night Fever
  3. Ella Enchanted
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  1. because this is so casual
  2. because I took this in december
  3. art basel
    nuff said
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a photo diary if you will
  1. woke up to my angry sister (dressed in minion apparel)
  2. somehow ended up in bfe
  3. to go bowling
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