I can't even with today
  1. I was to lazy to wake up and take a shower before work
  2. Got to work and realized it was gonna be a hellish day and back 🙅🏻
  3. Had to go to a shoot in Brooklyn and go back to the office right after
    Took fucking 45 minutes to get there and back...
  4. Got yelled at cause I didn't want to use my card and deal with expensing the taxi
    Fuck you bitches
  5. 3 hours later I made it back to the office
  6. The amount of lemonade I've had today exceeds the limits
  7. When I finally at my lunch my Chop't salad was a ripoff
    I pay a shit ton for your salad, so I expect it the container to be full...
  8. Forgot my ID card upstairs so I had to "checkin" with the security (insert middle finger emoji)
    Bitch you see me here everyday let me in
  9. Finally left the office and 6:30
  10. Currently sitting in my bed drinking more lemonade 🍋🍋🍋