1. I pour extra milk in my cereal bowl so there will be leftovers for him.
    I do this regularly. Sometimes I even have cereal just because I know it will make him happy.
  2. I move my head over on my pillow so he can lie above my head.
    Does anyone else's dog do this. He loves to be above my head. Weird.
  3. I budget monthly for his grooming before my own nails or hair.
    It's him over me every month.
  4. I turn down social event invites just because hanging out at home with the pup actually makes me happier.
    I'm socially awkward anyway, with my pup I'm just me!
  5. Even with fleas (we just ran out of treatment and more is on the way) I still let him sleep in my bed.
    Fleas are seriously taking over the world. I hate those little buggers but I love my pup more. Hurry up Internet and deliver those flea meds! UPDATE: Flea medicine 2-5 days away. Why oh why did I not order when I used the last pill? Oh because that was just 2WEEKS AGO! Fleas are becoming resistant. Ring the alarms!!!!! Until then, Dawn baths for everyone!