1. It's oddly comforting to know other people are as neurotic as me.
  2. I like the randomness.
  3. I'm super scared to post.
  4. Can I add to a list if I think of something else?
  5. I think this feels like the cool kids are here. I've never been a cool kid before. What happens when the trolls, mean people, or spammers show up?
  6. I have one follower. Scary. Is this a place for the socially awkward? Can I really be myself here?
  7. Can I cuss! Fuck? Yup. Guess I can. 💃🏻
  8. That just made me super happy ^
  9. Ok this app might be my favorite app... There's no pressure to be perfect or look perfect. It's just a list right? Whew.
  10. 💃🏻😍💪🏻😡😱👀📱💡📌
  11. YES! You can edit and add too... I think I like it here.