Ben is my youngest. He is a now away at college doing him. I feel like part of my heart went with him, but of course I am so proud of this kid and I love who he is. Here are some of my favorite pics. Oh btw I have an older son who is much less of a ham. His photo tribute will require a bit more effort as he avoids the camera, but it's coming.
  1. My son and his best pal (neighborhood sibling... You know those kids that become family by virtue of geography and an open pantry) after his last high school soccer game. I love these two and their friendship. Oh the joy in this pic....
  2. Ben and our kitty Luna. Luna came to us because well... Ben is always bringing home animals who "need us". I need him so I always say yes. He is always right. They do need us and we them.❤️
  3. Ben and the gang at my Dad's on a weekend trip to The River without me... My Dad and step-mom sure loved having this bunch and had nothing but nice things to say about Ben and his friends. That makes me happy.
  4. Ben and his BEST friend his brother Sam. These two make me wish I wasn't an only child. 💙
  5. We are at the Beale Street Music Festival waiting on Ed Sheeran. We saw Ben's favorites The Avett Brothers the night before. This was his graduation present from me. We made a memory and I feel honored he would agree to be seen with me! Every parent understands this feeling I know!
  6. Finally my baby boy has grown up... He's still growing but he will always be this size in my eyes. I love you B.