Well, @katrinag As any Libra will tell you it's about balance (hence the super boring scale as our symbol) But honestly it's not all in staying in the middle, but more about tipping the scale to see IF you can get it back to balance, because THAT is exciting and affirming. Sorry but as a mom of a baby libra this might cause you lots of headaches.
  1. Libra's overthink everything. Even when it's no brainer things. Do be prepared to wait on them.
  2. Libra's are very indecisive (see the above overthinking bullet) we see everything as an option so just picking one is literally painful. We want them all!
  3. Libra's are peacemakers. We want everyone to be happy and sometimes forget we are one of the everyone group.
  4. Libra's are creatives. Our sign is an air sign and the things we need we really NEED them. An outlet for our creative side is truly a need. Without it it's like not having air.
  5. Libra's are most always happy. If they are unhappy it's because we are bored or feel under appreciated.