my first list. here, audrey
  1. not look Caucasian when I dance
  2. run/enjoy running longer than a mile at a time
  3. make other people feel better when they are sad
  4. belly dance (Shakira not Bollywood)
  5. find a way to fit things like drawing and reading into "my week"- no reason why this should be difficult. somehow it is?
  6. put all of my packed clothes away as soon as I get home from a trip
  7. consume cookies in moderation
  8. find a way to let people (girls) know when they're trippin. without sounding like a jerk. full confidence required here
  9. drive stick shift
  10. get better at charcoal nude figure drawings
  11. be a tad more serious sometimes (around certain people) aka my boyfriend I will just come out and tell you that I can be very goofy and immature as fuck which is almost always appreciated/accepted
  12. cook simply but impressively
  13. I think there will be more