Friend crushes are my jam, and maybe yours too?
  1. The girl who delivered my food today
    You were so nice and you said I gave you good nice vibes and your sister is in the same sorority as me so we're basically related be my bff
  2. The girl who works at the bookstore
    You're so cool and you recommended books to me and your hair is pretty lets be buds (actually we are buds now she got me into graphic novels so mission accomplished)
  3. The girl who waited with me for a yoga class that never started
    When you first met your fiancé he pooped his pants and I've never heard a better story
  4. The girl(s) who alway fav my tweets
    Our cyber friendship is ready for the real world
  5. The funny girl from my freshman year
    We worked on the same tv show together and you're so cooooool and I think you graduated? Whatever lets be buds
  6. The girl with the retro aesthetic
    We have so many friends that overlap
  7. This counts I met you at a conference in Indianapolis
  8. List app ladies
    Ok technically I haven't met you but ugh 💖
  9. The girl I bought my favourite green necklace from
    Suggested by @alys