I went on a study abroad trip with all school of music students my freshman year, and I'm an English major.
  1. Listen to an album in the intended order, for the love of God
    I straight up never knew that this was a thing, but artists often have the order for a reason, and it messes with the flow of the album to listen to it on shuffle. This is so important to me now that it's the sole reason I'm buying Spotify premium.
  2. Benjamin Britten is cool as hell
    Let me tell you about my boy Benjamin Britten. He wrote his War Requiem based on the traditional requiem mass and the poems of WWI poet Wilfred Owen and it is so rad and beautiful and I have for sure cried listening to it. Also he wrote some cool operas and is just in general an interesting dude.
  3. Headphones matter
    Nice headphones make a huge difference??? I legit had no idea. This didn't change my behavior at all I still use shitty headphones all the time but still.
  4. Holy shit a lot of work goes into performance
  5. I have a neutral Midwestern accent
    Voice majors have to take a bunch of diction classes and one of them (unsolicited) analyzed the way I talk. Cool to know I could be a news anchor, though I guess?
  6. This means happy birthday somehow?
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    A music professor wrote this on my wall on my birthday and I had to text my friend to clarify what this meant. I did not understand her explanation but I appreciated the effort.
    Sometimes a performance seems like it's over, but it super isn't.
  8. How to operate the HDMI sound output between my lap top and tv
    This has absolutely nothing to do with music but I didn't know until this trip that you could make the sound come out of the tv when your computer is hooked up to it. Thanks Graeme✌️