sorority recruitment+first week of classes+extra curriculars=out of the loop
  1. List app trends
    What are we all listing about these days??? Is One Direction still cool? Are we talking about Hillary and feminism?? What's going on??
  2. The SAG awards
    Some people celebrate the holidays I celebrate awards show season and I MISSED ONE but it's fine I'm fine.
  3. Kanye vs Amber Rose
    I missed Kanye's claim that no one has ever touched his asshole, a pivotal moment for my generation. I had to read about it in a recap on BUZZFEED I didn't even experience it in real time
  4. My great aunts death
    My dad took the time to post her obituary on Facebook, but not single member of my family gave me a heads up. Just a three word text: "Aunt Pat dead" woulda been great.
  5. Grease live
    It was apparently amazing??? I'm so angry I'm going to personally find Vanessa Hudgens and have her perform "There Are Worse Things I Could Do" live for me
  6. The Super Bowl
    Honestly I don't care about this one because I didn't miss Beyoncé ✌️