Ba dum tiss
  1. I'm in a play
    For the first time since fifth grade I'm on stage. I play a nurse who hands a guy a sword. My big foray into college theater. Also I have a giant cone bra on so that's cool and ~edgy~
    We ran around and sword fought a lot, and I had already slipped once that week, so a wet stage wasn't exactly conducive to safety but ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  3. We were warming up
    I had to get into position QUICKLY to practice the big battle scene, so I ran across the stage to get just off stage.
  4. I slipped
  5. Fell down
  6. Looked at my leg
    Let me tell you, yikes. Both the bottom of my foot and my leg were touching the ground.
  7. Traumatized Jeff
    The guy standing next to me when I fell was WAY more freaked out than I did. I asked how he was doing later and received this picture. Sorry Jeff.
  8. Waited FOREVER for an ambulance
    Shout out to shock for keeping me chill ✌️
  9. Laughed A LOT
    It's hilarious to me that I broke a leg on stage and had to go to the hospital dressed as a nurse. I laughed while lying on stage waiting for the ambulance. I mean, look at my weird boobs.
  10. Resigned myself to lots of "Break a leg!" jokes
  11. Accepted my new on-campus identity as scooter girl
    Best thing that could've happened for my brand tbh