Tinder is the worst why are we all on it?
  1. The attempt to capitalize on trendy lingo
    Ok so first of all, I far prefer "sliding into the DMs" to "whip into," but that's just a personal preference. Second of all, DMs are a Twitter thing not a tinder thing. And lastly, he's actually very cute and I would have definitely answered a normal message that didn't sound like a middle-aged woman trying to relate to her step-children.
  2. The self promoter
    Honestly mad respect to this guy promoting his personal brand.
  3. The self promoter part II
    I love this so much because not only does he want me to watch his video he wants me to like, share, and comment. Expert guerrilla marketing on a dating app.
  4. The ill-advised pick-up line
    I just wish I understood what he was trying to do here. I, too, hate the Patriots, Hendrix, but how were you going to parlay this question into a conversation?
  5. The quid pro quo
    I have so many questions. What charity? Do I get to choose? Does quality of the booty pic matter? Is there a cap to how many times you'll donate?
  6. The yikes
    Of all the images you could choose to represent yourself, this guy picked the confederate flag.
  7. The yikes part II
    Bio says don't be afraid picture says be terrified
  8. This one is just me being a dick
    This was my hobby for a good month and a half
  9. This
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