Tinder is the worst why are we all on it?
  1. The attempt to capitalize on trendy lingo
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    Ok so first of all, I far prefer "sliding into the DMs" to "whip into," but that's just a personal preference. Second of all, DMs are a Twitter thing not a tinder thing. And lastly, he's actually very cute and I would have definitely answered a normal message that didn't sound like a middle-aged woman trying to relate to her step-children.
  2. The self promoter
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    Honestly mad respect to this guy promoting his personal brand.
  3. The self promoter part II
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    I love this so much because not only does he want me to watch his video he wants me to like, share, and comment. Expert guerrilla marketing on a dating app.
  4. The ill-advised pick-up line
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    I just wish I understood what he was trying to do here. I, too, hate the Patriots, Hendrix, but how were you going to parlay this question into a conversation?
  5. The quid pro quo
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    I have so many questions. What charity? Do I get to choose? Does quality of the booty pic matter? Is there a cap to how many times you'll donate?
  6. The yikes
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    Of all the images you could choose to represent yourself, this guy picked the confederate flag.
  7. The yikes part II
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    Bio says don't be afraid picture says be terrified
  8. This one is just me being a dick
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    This was my hobby for a good month and a half
  9. This
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    Suggested by @lisafischer