1. HIV puppet video
    "How can we teach kids about HIV? Kids like puppets right? They go to summer camp, yeah? Perfect."
  2. Playing disabled
    Every year in elementary school they'd bring in stuff like wheel chairs and canes and we would all pretend to be disabled in order to learn what it's like. While I loved wheeling quickly down the halls, I'm not sure it was an effective way of putting us in the disabled's shoes.
  3. Bullying puppets
    Yet another lesson featuring puppets, someone brought in puppets that might be bullied, and told us why we shouldn't. One was in a wheelchair, one was overweight, and one had red hair. I don't think any of us knew red hair was something to be made fun before this.
  4. Abstinence pledge
    "If a car was used and beat up by lots of people, all dented and dirty, would you want to buy it?" -actual advice given to my health class
  5. Blue eyes>brown eyes to teach us about racism
    There were a solid 20 minutes when I was eight that I thought I would never be allowed to play with my brown-eyed friends ever again.