How Every TV Character Would Vote in the Primaries (b/c Vulture majorly fucked this up)

  1. Alba Villanueva - Clinton (new American citizen, 1st time voter and very proud)
    from Jane the Virgin
  2. Jess Mariano - Sanders
    from Gilmore Girls
  3. Spencer Strasmore - Clinton
    from Ballers
  4. Jody Kimball-Kinney - Trump (hey, he thinks it could be fun)
    from The Mindy Project
  5. Piper Chapman - Sanders
    from Orange is the New Black
  6. Rowan Pope - Trump
    from Scandal
  7. Major - Clinton (because she's tough but fair)
    from iZombie
  8. Winston Bishop - Clinton (because she's tough but fair, like most fish he knows)
    from New Girl
  9. Caleb Rivers - Sanders
    from Pretty Little Liars
  10. Frankie Bergstein - Sanders
    from Grace and Frankie
  11. Bosephus - Trump
    from Playing House
  12. Greg Solano - pretending he doesn't care not voting at all
    from Crazy-Ex Girlfriend
  13. Jackie Florrick - Ted Cruz
    from The Good Wife
  14. Cat Grant - Clinton (they're besties)
    from Supergirl
  15. Alison Hendrix - Marco Rubio
    from Orphan Black
  16. April Ludgate - writes in Putin
    from Parks and Recreation
  17. Tyrell Wellick - Trump
    from Mr Robot
  18. Kilgrave - Sanders
    from Jessica Jones
  19. Olivia Benson - Clinton
    from Law and Order SVU
  20. Deacon Clayborne - probably not voting because he's a useless garbage person
    from Nashville
  21. Lillian Kaushtupper - Sanders
    from Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt
  22. Joan Watson - Clinton
    from Elementary
  23. Jay Pritchett - Jeb!
    from Modern Family