Some cool cats I invited to ListApp
  1. @garrinteed aka Todd Garrin- bestie from NYC. Met making Soap Operas. He now gets paid to write food puns for TV.
  2. @oligear aka Olivia Ghersen is originally from Santa Blah Blah. I hired her as an intern because she was a waitress at a restaurant near my UES apartment.
  3. @Meej aka Meaghan McKeon- fellow theater nerd. Friend from HS. Interned at SNL after me because I told them to hire her.
  4. @dwyer aka Tim Dwyer is my cousin. And he writes and does fun stuff for ESPN in CT.
  5. @SusanAllison aka Susan Merwin does TV Develop-y things and has a freaking cool dog. And we share love of Canadian Teen TV and TOWIE.
  6. More to come once they get their shit together and DL the app.