Because we've all thought about it. Power is-- well, power.
  1. JFK
  2. Josiah Bartlett (The West Wing)
    If Abby Bartlett was into it, so am I.
  3. Bill Clinton
    Sax and swagger.
  4. Thomas Jefferson
    Monticello is crazy beautiful
  5. Zachary Taylor
    Great jaw line.
  6. President Thomas Whitmore (Independence Day)
    He let little Mae Whitman watch Letterman AND he saved the world from aliens (with help from Will Smith, but that speech is bomb.)
  7. President Barack Obama
    Feels a little wrong putting him on the list purely because of my solidarity to FLOTUS. But damn, POTUS, you totally make a girl blush with that smile
  8. President Fitzgerald Grant (Scandal)
    Feel a little bit badly putting him on the list, too-- because of my solidarity to Olivia Pope.... But she's mad at him right now so it's okay.
  9. Andrew Shepherd (The American President)
    "I'm Andrew Shepherd. And I am the president." Oh and he bought Annette Benning a HAM.
  10. President Palmer (24)
    That voice!!!!!!
  11. President Beck (Deep Impact)
    Because Morgan Freeman
    Suggested by @ChrisK