After saying "____ is my number one" in reference to a good number things (that really did make my heart grow a size at the time), I realized that I am not discerning enough with my favorites. Also, I need to use that phrase more sparingly if I intend people to believe me. Here are the things I've called "my number 1" recently.
  1. The Weepies
    Because I do have a single Spotify playlist dedicated to them, that I possibly listen to more than any other playlist I have. When I found out that my friend Jackson's dad used to play guitar with them, I was over the moon. I still secretly hope he'll introduce me to them one day. It really solidified our friendship in middle school. Jackson and I are still friends to this day (only like 40% because of his 'in' with the Weepies.)
  2. Pie. Specifically berry pie.
    I doubt I'll ever find someone (I'll need COLD, HARD proof) who don't love at least one type of pie. Fruit? Yes. Flakey, buttery crust? Yes. Good with ice cream? You bet. A well balanced breakfast, lunch, and dinner? If my mom says so, it must be true. Dear Pie, you had me at hello.
  3. Libraries
    I got a library card at age 5. I was that kid who once checked out fifteen books from the library, and carried them all home on a freezing November day. Now that I work at a library, I can honestly say I have never loved libraries more. I maintain that libraries are one of the best uses of government money.
  4. Ok... So far so good. All of these things are pretty great.
  5. Soup
    I said this yesterday while making potato leek soup. Soup is great, I'll give you, I just don't know if it deserves the coveted top spot. I do have a particular fondness for potato leek soup, but that's tied to an embarrassing story involving hair and soup that is really better told in person.
  6. Haribo gummy peach candies
    Ideally I'll develop better taste in food in the near future, but until that happens, these little buggers will do the trick. I am currently munching on them on the greyhound bus from Portland Maine to Boston... So, yeah. P good.
  7. My diva cup
    YEAH DUH. I am only a recent convert to the 'diva way of life', but I will try and convert you too. Watch out.