My life will dramatically change without these habits. (This started out quite light, then got kinda deep)
  1. Picking at the skin around my fingernails
  2. Nervously pulling my hair
  3. Starting a new season of America's Next Top Model at 12:39 AM
  4. Interrupting other people/ finishing their sentences
    My mind moves extremely fast lol, and I tend to get frustrated when others don't think as quick as I do
  5. Not drinking enough water!!
  6. Not stopping eating when I am full
    I also tend to eat when I am bored. 😐
  7. Feeling less beautiful than others just because I am bigger
    I have always been a little overweight, and I take medicine that caused me to gain weight. But I need to love myself and be confident with my body.
  8. Imagining changing situations that are in the past
    I tend to get caught up on the past and stuck on the little things. I just need to get over it lol