1. It really starts the night before. After mentally acting out various rom com-esque scenarios, mentally plan an outfit.
  2. Nix that outfit you just mentally planned because you haven't done laundry in god knows how long and the pants you were going to wear definitely aren't clean.
  3. Fall asleep in the midst of your mental outfit planning.
  4. Wake up to the alarm you set in the hopes of making it to the gym.
  5. Reset your alarm because you're definitely not going to the gym.
  6. Wake up to second alarm.
  7. Snooze alarm like 5 times.
  8. Wake up, like actually wake up.
  9. Feel momentary disappointment in yourself for not going to the gym. Mentally commit to going tomorrow.
  10. Shower.
  11. Spend an unnecessary amount of time looking at your face in the mirror after showering.
  12. Realize you're for sure behind schedule.
  13. Stay strong. Do not put on the dirty pants from that one mental outfit from the night before.
  14. Commit to your go-to shirt.
  15. Struggle to find pants to go with your go-to shirt.
  16. Choose pants and nix your go-to shirt.
  17. Struggle to find shirt to go with new pants selection.
  18. OPTIONAL: Cry (just a lil).
  19. Epiphany.
  20. Dress. Wear a dress.
  21. Try on at least four pairs of shoes with dress, but no more than seven, that's excessive.
  22. Settle on sneakers with the dress because for some strange reason sneakers make you feel powerful.
  23. Try on at least three sock and sneaker combinations with chosen sneakers because it isn't as simple as you'd think.
  24. Smile in the mirror because you did it, you got dressed.