This was so hard to make because they're all so amazing in different ways.
  1. Cheetah
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    I have a special place in my heart for Cheetahs. I spent a whole summer learning everything I could about them, initially because I just thought they were adorable and I had just painted one for a school project. But they are such fascinating creatures who happen to be the underdog of the big cats in Africa. Not to mention the cubs are so adorable. I also love the sounds they make, It's the cutest little chirp.
  2. Lion
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    Truthfully lions are tied for first. How the pride gets together, interacts, and cares for each other is so amazing to watch. They are so beautiful.
  3. Leopard
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    Their elusiveness and ability to adapt to their surroundings is what amazes me.
  4. Tiger
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    I want to research tigers more but I think they're so awesome and adorable.
  5. Cougar
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    They purr.....
  6. Snow Leopard
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    I don't know too much about snow leopards either but think they're beautiful.
  7. Jaguar
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    I don't know much about Jaguars either but want to research them more. I have a hard time telling them and leopards apart sometimes. Jaguars have the distinct rosettes on their back. Also Jaguars are native to North America, and leopard to Africa.