December 2015
  1. Holden took this picture of us at the museum of feelings last week. This room was amazing and smelt like Christmas.
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  2. Also at the museum of feelings. This is an adorable picture of @spacemanholden
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  3. I went to the woods with my parents and dogs and this is one of my favorite pictures from that morning. Adonis tried to jump up onto the log but failed, and I happened to capture this at the perfect moment.
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  4. @spacemanholden made gingerbread us.
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  5. Rocky and Adonis playing.
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  6. @spacemanholden , me and my bae, Shinju.
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  7. @spacemanholden showed some of his artwork at the opening ceremony of his old high school. It was a really fun day and I was so proud of him.
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  8. Mom convinced me to get a professional haircut (for the first time in almost 3 years) and I'm very glad she did.
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  9. Caramel coffee with whipped cream....
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  10. I think this might be from the last day of November but oh well. This was the day we decorated for Christmas and it was spectacular.
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