1. We were both walking through the door at the same time when you accidentally pushed me and I gave you a nasty look before moving on.
  2. I'm here to say that I am so sorry.
  3. I truly wasn't irritated at all.
  4. It's just that I had just watched an entire Twitter thread of Bad Girls Club fights and was lightweight turned into a bomb ready to go off.
  5. These girls and their petty arguments have an effect on you.
  6. Like, YOU try watching everyone tag-team Julie at the reunion and TELL ME you don't want to take part in some of that unnecessary conflict?? Meghan dumped juice on her and beat her and then out of nowhere Andrea brings out mustard? WHAT IS HAPPENING?¿?
  7. Anyway.
  8. I'm sure you know what I'm saying.
  9. I hope my look didn't instigate anything and that you can forgive me.
    Mostly because I can't fight for my life.
  10. I like your shirt.
  11. ✌🏼️