Just a list of random yet eventful things as this treacherous week goes by.
  1. I got my Finals Face on.
    Oh, no. I don't mean I'm prepared to take on these huge exams. I mean I'm breaking out thrice as much, the dark circles around my eyes are getting too comfortable, and my entire face is ridiculously dry from this cold weather. You know, my Finals Face.
  2. Where are you Winter Break?
  3. I totally overestimated my Chemistry knowledge.
    I finally opened the study guide my professor provided us online. And immediately closed the tab, as if I had just seen a giant croco-bear.
  4. First final, pish-posh | DONE
    Introductory Communications. Multiple choice/True or False. I laugh.
  5. Second Final | DONE
    I forgot my English final took place an hour early. I came in fashionably late. It took me 5 minutes to finish. COME ON NOW. I ENJOY A CHALLENGE.
  6. Last College Final | Taking in 10 minutes
    So about that whole "challenge" nonsense I was talking about awhile ago...heh. 🙃