I'm Thankful for ____________

In honor of this turkey-filled, grace-giving holiday
  1. God
  2. Family
    At the end of the day, I can always count on these silly Filipino people to show their love and ask me "Why you hab no boyprend yet?"
  3. Friends
    Practically family, except they make you laugh thrice as hard.
  4. Music
    None other can as accurately express my angsty teenage experience
  5. Pinterest
    I can't possibly explain my love for you.
  6. Google
    Thank you for helping me recover from ditching my classes.
  7. Milk Tea
    Goodness gracious. Where would I be without this to de-stress my day, relieve my Asian cravings, and be a study assistant.
  8. Cozy blankets
    You can hide under them and scare people entering a room more easily.
  9. Weird people
    You guys make life interesting and always leave me with a great story to tell.
  10. Concealer
    For all the days you've saved the people around me from having to witness the horrid disaster known as my dark circles
  11. Psych, Austin Powers, Back to the Future, SNL and Jimmy Fallon
    For, without fail, always making me laugh and feel better about life itself.