[the year of the booty]
  1. That you gotta accept family as they are.
    Even if their sanity is questionable.
  2. That donuts are a great comfort food.
    Some say I've had one too many. Well, I say "I donut think so."
  3. That I can make donuts.
    Sort of.
  4. That not everyone is going to stick around.
    DONUTS, on the other hand...
  5. That acne kits are total BS.
    None of you guys helped this mess of a face out. Shoutout to aloe, tea tree oil and manuka honey.
  6. That music still has a chance.
    Let's be real. Much of the music that came out this year was pretty dope.
  7. That tigers can mimic their prey to successfully attract them.
  8. That Emily on Criminal Minds is alive.
    I already knew that before this year. But come on, it still sends chills up my spine.
  9. That in every second of every day, there is a chance to learn something and make a difference.
    Hello, 2016.