I didn't have my sister this time to record me this time so I had to take my mom's word.
  1. Once I was wheeled into the waiting room, I started saying "Ok. Ok. Ok. Ok. WhatEVER. WhatEVER." just like Joe Pesci in Lethal Weapon.
    Verdict: TOTALLY BELIEVABLE. That's something I do when fully conscious, anyway.
  2. Right after leaving the office, my mother led me out of the car and watched me order my own milk tea at T4. She said it took me 5 minutes to order my one drink.
    Verdict: Semi-believable. First of all, I NEVER order ice with my Rose Milk Tea. So either she ordered it for me or I was so out of it that I did the unspeakable. And 5 minutes? That's sounds like a bit of a stretch.
  3. On the drive home, I kept asking for French fries because it was "French Fry Day"
    Verdict: I guess that would explain why I just saw this tweet I apparently made around the time we left the office
  4. Now I'm home, fully conscious and ready to go through a Lethal Weapon marathon whilst crying.