My Early Days as a Millennial Twitter Artist.
  1. People should know that they don't earn my love because of what they GIVE me. You can't buy LOVE.
    Says the girl who spent $200 on Christmas presents for people she barely knew her freshmen year of high school.
  2. Mom hecka scurred me. Came bursting into my room like there was a fire for no reason. It's like "Calm yo bald spot"
  3. UGH. Some people don't know when it's not funny anymore. It's like "Dude, I didn't sign a form saying you should say these DUMB jokes." }:O
    I legitimately thought it was a clever statement
  4. Ugh. Ice skating could have been WAY better. Considering the fact that I had to LIMP back to school. :(
    Real reason why it could've been better: I wanted my crush to romantically grab my hand and help me skate. But it never happened.
  5. It's Saturday, Saturday. nothing...on Saturday :)?
    This was a call for people to hit me up. No one did.
  6. I don't want my friends to feel all hungry since they don't have food. So I'm eating my IN-OUT in the car. ;)
    I actually still do this but now I'm old enough to drive
  7. May I just say, "ALGEBRA SUCKS BUTT". Thank you. :)
    Dear, just wait till the semester you take college-level Calculus
  8. I've been in my after school program for about 5 weeks (?) and I STILL don't know the schedule! 8{O
    Maybe if you weren't ditching all the time
  9. Why won't anyone pick me up from SCHOOL YET!!!!!I WANNA GO HOME!
    Funny enough, I still say this to myself every day
  10. Academy of Alameda's first Talent show was DOOOOPPPPPEEE :D
  11. UGH. VAN BROke DOWN! We had to push it! But this time I was aight cuz I got to DRIVE!!!! :D
    No, I did not. I sat in the back crying.
  12. In sweats. My hair's ties,NADA make-up on.....:) Im the best Drakes's Ever Had
  13. Haha. In class. Suppose to be doing an Outsiders Essay. But I got SOOOOO bored and Im really mad at Me. Lee so yeah. Im posting on Twitter.
    Shame on you.
  14. UGH. I could just slap some people in class right now. They need to be quiet and stop being so KNOCK-ISH. Before they get SLAPPED
    Fun fact: I was terrified of most people in my classes.
  15. Well, today could have been SO much better. It wasn't bad... But it wasn't great.
    Translation: my crush still doesn't know who I am.
  16. Academy of will ALWAYS be remembered for being the most RACHET-EST (if that is a word) school in all of Alameda
  17. Unang araw ng tag-init at walang kinalaman sa: ( *Google it*
    I had no idea what I was saying.
  18. How do people know "ROAR" means ILY in DinoSAWR?! I mean really, it could mean "IMMA KILL YOUR ISH!" Haha. That would lead to misunderstandings! :D
    Wow, you are so philosophical.
  19. UGH. Jealousy RISING^^^^^! Turning into REGRET....I wish you could rewind life and do ALL the things you wish you did.
    Translation: I was too much of a baby (unlike my friends) to make a move on my crush.
  20. UGH. My sister is SO ANNOYING! It came to the point where I just told her "GET OUT!" -__- (need to COOL DOWN) I REALLY wanna slap her
    Woah, chill.
  21. I regret the day I first saw you. You've only brought me DOUBT. #argh #iwannaslapyou #thisguy #SMH #goaway #sadending #ifonly #movingon
  22. #Listeningto One Wish - Ray J (Matt Cab Cover)
    At least you did something right.
  23. I DON'T HAVE A RIDE!!!
  24. Is this a test? #CaptainAmerica LOL
  25. Shame on you. When you're at church you're all Christian-like. But then I see you about in public and you're all like this? #SMH
    @ ME NOW
  26. Ewwww...I just saw Ms. Bewere at Kaiser. Never thought I'd see that hag again.
    She didn't think she'd ever see you, with your nappy ass hair and tacky ass Nikes either.
  27. To sleep will I goeth on this windy night.
    Wow are you totally Shakspearian or what.
  28. Cuz I totally love when you act like I never existed in life -___-
  29. I wish my dad would stop dancing to K-Pop.
    I honestly have no recollection of this.
  30. This tribal sweater of mine is so beautiful.
    I still have said sweater. It's pretty tacky.
  31. I've been depending on you the whole time for happiness when I should have been looking to God.
  32. Found all my DS games stashed away. I remember when I thought I was the coolest kid in the world playing Mario Kart and whatnot. SMH
    Found my old tweets. I remember when I thought I was the coolest kid in the world saying stupid things and whatnot. SMH
  33. Why do adults laugh at the most corniest things?It's so annoying.It's like "Haha. Yeah...I first heard that joke when I was like 7.."
    I've turned into said adults
  34. Adrian Jr. Tanalag- January 2 1998 4:47am ~ November 24 2011 2:33am RIP. We love you and I'll miss you forever.
  35. Well aren't you a rude child?
    I wouldn't be surprised if I was talking in a mirror.
  36. At Fresh Choice cos we're fresh. K.
    Fresh Choice ended up being not so fresh and closed down a few years ago.
  37. Netflix Time. Even though there's not much to watch on there.
  38. How sad. Honestly you should just stop these LMS' if you keep getting one "like" each time
  39. You should learn to correct your grammar. Its so ugli wen ppl spel lik dis. NO.
    sry I cnt reed wat ur syng, bi
  40. I don't mean to be rude but please die.
    Don't sugar-coat it now.
  41. Sharing books together and just looking at the pictures.
    Translation: it was beginning to look like he finally noticed me (BUT IRL HE DIDN'T)
    I hope you were making fun of yourself.
  43. It's "BEAR WITH ME" not BARE. Unless you tryna get Neekkeeed :)
  44. Apparently watching Word Girl with Rachel...
    GIRL, you know you were watching Word Girl all by yourself.
  45. Forget swag. I care about your "class"
    Forget class. I care about your food.
  46. Rema is so immature. Got her friends calling me Ms. JigglyThighs. They're not even fat. So wth are they talking about??-.-
    You were chubby as hell.
  47. "I like Pandas." - Does it look like I care?
    I like Pandas.
  48. Wth. So Emily didn't die all this time?? #CriminalMinds
    I know seriously. It was the biggest plot twist in Criminal Minds history.
  49. That basketball court is offended by what you consider a layup.
    I can't believe these came from MY fingers.
  50. How bout some oldies?
  51. Kehlani Parrish... YOU BLEW MY MIND.
    November 2, 2012 when I was watching America's Got Talent and she first auditioned. She stills blows my mind today.
  52. Back up breh
    Yeah back up breh. You don't want this. I'm 5'2 full of Psych references and a love for potatoes.
  53. "You is kind. You is smart. You is important.-Haha.Soo getting that movie for my birthday next week. #TheHelp
    I never got it.
  54. I always flip up since I never know when a guy is serious.
    This hasn't changed
  55. Call Me Maybe is gonna be stuck in my head now
    You should hear her new album
    I know, right?