1. #goals
    translation: added to my list of things I want but am likely too much of a lazy ass to really work for
  2. Young women and girls who publicly state that their goal is to be in a relationship.
    Oh, honey please. I don't have the time to elaborate for this one because I'm too busy working toward my future career and life as a bad-ass, independent woman.
  3. Little girls that make posts about relationships
    The only thing you should be crying about is that F you got on that last paper.
  4. The use of the term "literally"
    [deep sigh]
  5. The common use of "This what [historical influential figure] died for".
    Too often is this used completely out of context in the most stupid and misinformed way.
  6. Venting
    Let's be real. You need to put that childish material in a private chat, a diary, in a song - I don't care. You're ruining my feed.