The Weird, Inexplicable Happenings of Leanne

I now notice there a few notable things that ALWAYS happen to me. I can't explain it, they just always do.
  1. If I eat too much cheddar cheese, I get bumps on my chin and my elbows.
    It's the elbow thing and the fact I'm not lactose-intolerant that I can't wrap my mind around. But mostly the elbow thing.
  2. By the middle of the party, no matter where I started off, I'll always end up standing next to the garbage can in the back of the room and remaining there for the rest of the night somehow.
    It's the universe sending a message and being a bully.
  3. All of the dudes that bother hitting it off with me are creepy, offensive, desperate, overly-dependent and/or unbelievably boring (at this point in my life)
    They all give this impression from the start or end up doing so not long after. I know nobody's perfect (myself most definitely included) but all I ask is that you don't be any of the aforementioned.
  4. I have a constant crazy twitch in my left eye.
    I lied. That's actually no mystery; this twitch is anxiety related. But still, it's super weird.