I stopped really cooking a while back. Lately I've been trying to get myself to cook, to remind myself that I can. Enchiladas. One of my faves. I probably stopped making these because of the carb to protein ratio. Because let's face it, they're mostly tortilla. But really it's all about the mole and the right queso.
  1. So I recruited my mom to refresh my memory and here's this...
    Off topic: I was just reminded of a cute thing my boy said once... "mother, let me rephrase my memory." You don't have to think its cute. Let's move on.
  2. According to my mom, I need this amount of dried guajillo chiles.
    She says they have more flavor than New Mexico or California chiles. But between you and me, if you want really red mole, add some of the bigger chiles. They'll add color even if they don't add flavor.
  3. Next, those chiles need to be deseeded and destemed.
    Pain in the ass, yes. And if you're following along at home, just know that halfway through this process you'll get an itch in your eye. But what ever you do wash your hands first. (Or do what I do and wear disposable gloves for any and all things cooking and/or cleaning related. Take them off. Rub your eyes as needed. Replace the gloves with a new clean pair. This might be a topic for another list, maybe.)
  4. And now those chiles must be rinsed a few times and placed in a blender, with some water.
    My mom says to add enough water to cover the chiles. And then she says "tantito mas" and "poquito mas" and "ay, unas gotitas mas" and finally "ahí está bien." Translation: A little more, a bit more, a few more drops, okay that's good. (A picture would probably come in handy here.)
  5. A clove of garlic is added, 5-8 peppercorns, 2-4 whole cloves, and blended.
    If you like garlic, add more garlic. If you like pepper, add more pepper. I don't remember ever adding cloves before, but my mom said to and she was standing right there, so I did, but you don't have to. Just make sure you blend on high for a good amount of time.
  6. The blended chile is poured over a sieve and into a sauce pan.
    It looks a little something like this. Easy, right? I felt pretty accomplished having not made this forevsss.
  7. At this point I remember to add some salt. And oregano. And then heat the mole to a simmer, for what seemed like five minutes.
    Careful with the oregano because it doesn't take much to go from "hey, I think there might be oregano in here" to "oh damn, there is a shit ton of oregano in here. Who's idea was that?"
  8. While the mole simmers, I grate some cheese. Jack or queso fresco work well. If you're lucky like me, you have the right cheese.
    The perfect cheese is some really stinky stuff that I get from my parents who bring it from Mexico. And it's hand made. And just perfect for quesadillas.
  9. Onions will need to be chopped.
    If you're lucky, and I was, your mom is one step ahead of you and already chopping (My eyes would still be watering right now - the worst).
  10. Now for the fun part. Some oil is heated up to super hot and a tortilla is added.
    I could recommend a specific oil, but let's face it, you're going to use what you want or what you have handy. Amiright? Heat enough on each side that it begins to get hard but not crunchy. The reference to this part being the fun part is mostly a relative indication of how fun my life actually is. Let's continue.
  11. Okay. Remember that mole? The fun continues. From the oil, the tortilla is placed in the mole for a few seconds and then placed on a plate.
    A picture would be good here. Sorry.
  12. Almost done. Cheese and onions go on the tortilla and anything else you might want in there - chicken, other veggies, and what not - and then rolled up.
    I like to keep it simple, cheese and onions.
  13. The heat to mole to cheese and onions to roll up process is repeated until you have a nice pile.
    Or until you have enough, or you run out of an ingredient.
  14. Ready.
    If you want, I usually do, add more mole on top and cheese too. If you're lucky like me, you're mom already made some chile verde enchiladas for your niece, and you can have some of those too. And yes that's a styrofoam plate. Don't judge.
  15. I don't always make enchiladas, but when I do...
    They're ok I guess.