It's not about something else.
  1. Celebrity couple names, the people that make them up, and the people that use them.
    Don't kid yourself. If you say it, you're part of the problem.
  2. Mark Ruffalo
    The next time I hear inflection in his voice will be the first time. Also, my nemesis finds him adorable,so...
  3. People (person) who push(es) doors closed instead of using the knob. So, you know... It slams.
    Lazy. Well, at least it's not the bathroom door. And at least it's not at all hours of the night. And at least it's not right next to the bedroom. Oh wait...
  4. Those people that go to a coffee shop to get work done and proceed to get offended at anyone carrying on a normal conversation.
    Go to the library.
  5. People that use public and/or work toilets and talk on the phone while they AND YOU are going.
    C'mon man. (This one is quickly climbing in the ranks.)
  6. Those a-holes that go to the store for something real quick and the passenger gets dropped off at the door but the driver doesn't bother to park, just waits there in the fire lane, but there's a spot open 20 feet away.
    I don't have a name for these awful people.
  7. Movies that end and leave you to draw your own conclusions.
    I have a job, and it's not Screenwriter. Finish the fucking story.
  8. Kale, everything about it and everyone who eats it.
    Go back to being a garnish.