Childhood Sexual Awakenings

Inspired by @Lily
  1. Prince Adam aka Beast
    I mean.... Common.... Human beast FTW.
  2. Human Casper
    I remember dreaming about grabbing his hair while we danced. Danced only. I was still a child. Such a child.
  3. The Blue Power Ranger
    Kindergarten is when I figured I had a thing for white boys with long blond hair..... College is when I figured most of my love interest may be gay.... It was a sad day.
  4. Syaoran
    CCS was my sh!t growing up and till this day I'm still so in love with little Li Syaoran. He was so tough at first yet so gentle and mature at the same time. Such a Scorpio. And Sakura was such a Pisces. Those animators got their bdays all wrong.
  5. Nick Carter
    The youngest of the BSB I could have swear he was my soulmate.
  6. Kike
    If you are a Mexican and you happen to watch telenovelas, then you know for sure who aaron diaz is. I was still a 4th grader but kike sure brought it on.
  7. Arnold
    Helga was not the only one who's girlhood trembled when thinking of these smooth football head
  8. And lastly
  9. Draco Malfoy
    Sure he was a brat but he was so darn slick.