Inspired by @joemurphy
  1. I caught my aunt on a lie once and I could never trust again
  2. Bc I'm the oldest child
    Going from only Child, first born, the one that got anything she ever wanted... To mature older and bossy pants sister. The moment my sister and cousins were born it all changed. Good and bad. I wasn't the cute one anymore but I thought I needed to set the example and also protect my little ones.
  3. A girl once asked me why I smiled like this?
    The fuck do you mean like this? My mom actually accidentally contribute to this when she thought herself so smart for figuring out how the distance between my upper lip and nose was shorter and that's why my gummy smile was more appearant. Has been an insecurity ever since.
  4. Bc I'm Catholic
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    Didn't realize the difference till I move to the US. Back in Mexico we all are Catholic by default. Here there are way more religions that I can't tell what's going on. The only day I can tell who else is a fellow Catholic is on ash Wednesday.
  5. Bc I'm a naturalized citizen.
    That's right Donald trump I wasn't born here. I got here the legal way and I'm here to stay.
  6. Bc I'm Mexican
    Even though I am a us citizen now, I will always be Mexican. And I love that. I love my culture and I super love my food. The only downside about my culture is the machismo mentality thst a lot of older generation still have inception ed in their minds. I can't go to a party without the inevitable "wheres the boyfriend" questions. I have value without a man and also I'm busy thank you very much....
  7. Bc I watch waaaaay too much TV
    And movies for thst matter. I think that's my true passion.
  8. Bc I'm still a virgin
    I don't understand how this is such a big thing.. But then again I think I do understand.... It's just weird to me how people react when they find out and uncomfortable too specially when they name it things like "flower" or "virtue". But then again I'm so scared of this being my only identity and when (or IF, no brave volunteers yet) I ever loose it I will also be losing my identity.