Romantic Moments From Movies I Would Like To Happen To Me IRL

Inspired by @brimattia....... Tbh, there are so many good things I would like to happen to me but I don't let them. Half of my heart is convinced that these would only be romantic with the right dude.... If I wasn't attracted to the boy performing the following gestures I would be totally creeped out. I suck at this crazy little thing called love.
  1. When harry Potter spills his drink while smiling at Cho Chang
    This is the cutest and most adorkable thing ever. Considering how much of a dork I really am, it would be the nicest thing to realize my crush has dorky moments too.
  2. When Robbie crashes the eloping of Julia and her horrible fiance with his song to her
    Idk I just want someone to write a song for me. Is that too much to ask for?
  3. When Noah and allie are dancing in the street while Noah sings
    This somewhat happened to me once. It wasn't on the street but more like a bar and we weren't alone but with a bunch of friends and we also weren't on a date but had just met and it wasn't a love song that he sang but he sang a song and we danced to it so it sorta counts.
  4. When harry calls Sally and they both watch TV while on the phone
    I did do this once. But we weren't on a phone call cause minutes but we did texted throughout the show with things like "did you see that?" So that was my best attempt at it.
  5. When the tramp takes a job to earn money for the blind girl
    It's not about the money to me. It's about the effort. He goes to so much trouble to get money for the blind girl to get surgery.
  6. When Guido sets up the "coincidences" to show Dora that he is interested and their relationship is blessed by the Virgin Mary
  7. When beast is sweet and almost kind and Belle doesn't shudder at his paw
    Actually that whole songs and scenes where they are getting to know each other and they have new found mutual respect #goals
  8. When Oliver serenades Emily to that bon Jovi song
    I'll be there for youuuuu this 5 words I swear to youuuuu
  9. Everytime buttercup gives Westley an order and he replies "as you wish"
    That's right boy.. Do as I say... Love you 😘
  10. When katniss can't sleep and goes to peeta
    And the fact that he does everything he can to protect her even though it's clear that she doesn't need protection. She can take care of herself