When I was single, I never ate at home on Friday nights, but who can afford to take a family of five to a restaurant? On Friday nights we want yummy fun food that doesn't take a long time to make. Things that I love:
  1. Eggs and potatoes
    This is my very favorite. Don't care what kind of eggs or what kind of potatoes. Can't go wrong.
  2. Sausage on a roll
    Easy-peasy. Take sausage out of fridge, grill or broil, pop on a roll. If you are ambitious, make salad.
  3. Homemade pizza
    If you use Trader Joe's dough, this can be fun and delish without a lot of work. Best to do this in pairs- one person to rollout the dough and cook it, one person to dress the pizza and tend it while finishing.
  4. Tacos
    Can be a lot of work, but very fun. Does the fun make up for all of the chopping? Assembling at the table can be fun or horrible, depending on the company you're with.
  5. Sausage and biscuits
    My husband from Tennessee suggested this. Not my go to, but sure.
  6. Waffles and bacon
    Especially when the bacon's made in the oven. Much less mess.