Coming from a die hard Chicago Sky fan
  1. 10 bucks
  2. Getting off work 15 minutes early
  3. A stick of Juicy Fruit gum
  4. A night of white wine, summer salad, and Chocolat with Johnny Depp
  5. A bag of microwaved popcorn with no kernals
  6. Catching a few green lights in a row
  7. 5 bucks
  8. A new pack of white undershirts
  9. Getting final jeopardy correct
  10. Chipotle forgetting to charge me for double chicken
  11. Emptying a full bladder
  12. Finishing a stick of Chapstick before losing it
  13. A nice Sunday afternoon planned of Bed Bath and Beyond, maybe Home Depot (only if there's time)
  14. Waking up a minute before my alarm to avoid being jolted
  15. 1 buck