These comments are straight out of Lena Dunham's Instagram feed after she posted a picture of Hillary Clinton with a Happy Birthday wish- and then followed up with another photo of Hillary blowing out candles. All content is straight from the posts.
  1. "I love Lena but this hoe besides women's rights is a fucking retard :)" @babybirdjones
  2. "I mean bruh, she can't even give a good BJ. That's why bill had to go cheat on her. A girl who can't give a good bj is NOT ready to take on a nation." @teej7914
  3. "If you can really take criticism like an adult, you would acknowledge this message." @mynameischuckandimheretofuk
  4. "You're a millionaire. Of course you like her." @wendydogood
  5. "This feminist doesn't choose her president based on what's between her legs." @bakersfieldforbernie
  6. "Yes I do care what celebs are supporting because it shows the energy field they choose to align with and people who are evolving and are here to be light warriors and save the planet have to check out and stay away from certain energy fields such as this one. Hilary is a puppet for evilness." @owl_eyed
  7. "Please don't use black women to be a part of your wack memes. Thanks." @cocaiiina
  8. "You like Hillary more because she fits your racist faux-feminist belief system. If you actually believed in equality you would go for someone like Bernie. Your choosing Hillary because she's a leader of your demon white feminist cult" @cocaiiina