If I visited myself in 5 years what would I like to see?

If I time-travelled to 5 years from now and went to my apartment (which should actually be the first item on my list technically), and I saw all of these things I would take a deep, calm breath because I'd know that I'd be okay.
  1. It's a one bedroom with lots of light and it has room for my bookshelves.
    i dont ask much when it comes to my future salary. after all my real dream is to be a novelist. but i do want to live in a place with light not far from water (lake, river, ocean) that has room for my books. all i really need from it tbh. also no roommates. never again.
  2. New travel photos
    means that my goals of travelling a lot while young are being accomplished. it also means i have enough money to be saving money to travel. and also hopefully at least 2 of my current dream trips - london, spain, iceland, road trip - accounted for.
  3. A journal but also a bunch of composition notebooks.
    proof that i'm actively in the writing process. i dont need success especially in 5 yrs but i do want to see ive been able to write.
  4. A drawer that has the boyfriend's shit in it.
    look i dont know how serious it is with nick right now but this list is about what would make me no longer anxious about the future and knowing that my love life would be ok is a major tick off the list
  5. Grad school brochures
    i plan to go back for a journalism MA or a MFA - either way in 5 years i should be there or be thinking about it
  6. Frames on all my posters / art - also picture frames
    this seems small but it serves as proof of feeling stable enough in place and finance that i can put nails in my walls and buy all those frames
  7. Flowers!