Spring Look Book

Stress, sun, spring, lipstick
  1. short sleeve dresses
  2. much needed optimism
  3. red lipstick, dark blue, interview-ready clothing
  4. early morning sunrises; mornings with the crew team, the wind on the river, the golden shine
  6. reading by the Lake
  7. Kelley O'Hara's badass athlete looks. And the USWNT as a whole as the Olympica approach!
  8. red lipstick and sunshine warm glows to frame my selfies and make them look good despite mindnumbing anxiety about life and jobs
  9. A completed BA is the ultimate spring Look.
  10. birds. buds. life. warmth.
  11. My Not Today necklace. Arya-inspired. Oh, and yes, Game of Thrones.
  12. warm rain.
  13. Taylor Swift's street style. And her music. Don't judge me, I know what I'm about.
  14. rainboots.
  16. checking myself out in the sides of buildings because my wedges and outfit choice was that on point
  17. books and beer
  18. a relentless optimism ala chris traeger