I'm not a successful person. I will be, though. Just need to fix a few things. Ok, a lot of things.
  1. I'm not articulate
    I tend to say "idk" a lot when I am too lazy to explain or when I don't think I can explain it because the thought of having to explaining difficult concepts scares me. This caused other people to think that I am ditzy and that I really dob't know anything. I need to fix this asap.
  2. Commitment Issues
    I really want to join a club and participate actively to learn and gain more hands-on experience. Club experiences will help me tremendously when I work for a company in a collaborative setting. I am joining a club next quarter to improve my machining skills. I am not going to quit until I leave UCLA.
  3. Not enough relevant experiences on my resume
    See Commitment Issues.
  4. Weak Handshakes
    I need to learn how to give a nice and firm handshake.
  5. No Driver's License
    I'm 22, and I don't have a license. My parents still pick me up and drop me off at places. I really need to do something about this.